Sexy Letters to Excite and
Seduce Your Lover Easily,
So They Only Have Eyes For You

Uncover the Secret Tool Happy Couples Use
To Ignite Passion and Enhance Intimacy

Dear Friend:

Sexy Letters are the fast and easy way to seduce your lover!

If you want your lover to be passionately attracted to you, wanting you, and craving your touch – you've come to the right place – so keep reading.

Most people choose to send sexy letters to their partner because they want to create more romance and enjoy more delicious lovemaking .

Before I tell you how simple and easy it is to spark romantic intimacy with your lover, imagine this:

Picture receiving a sexy letter from your lover inviting you to a night of sensuous passion?

And in that sexy letter, your lover describes in vivid detail, exactly what they are going to do to you – how they're going to do it – where they're going to do it to you…

…exactly the way you've always wanted it done.

As you read this sexy letter, each word seems to penetrate your being, igniting a fire deep inside you.

Sound yummy?

Well, that's what Instant Sexy Letters will help YOU do to YOUR lover.

Imagine making them feel so desired, so adored, so wanted.

All because you sent them a sexy letter.

And this is where most people get stuck.

It's hard to put the perfect words on paper.

Don't get me wrong.

You've probably sent goose bumps up their legs by whispering sweet nothings.

Or perhaps you've given them that ‘come hither' stare from across the room that sent you both racing to the bedroom.

Try creating that on paper and that's where most people struggle.

Not any longer.

From this moment forward, you are going to be able to romance your partner in an unforgettable way... using Instant Sexy Letters.

Let me explain:

I know how powerful sending your lover a sexy letter can be – and how rewarding too.

I want you to reap all the benefits that come as a result of sending a sexy letter.

And these rewards will delight and excite you – AND your lover.

Before you relish in the rewards, you have to set the scene.

That's what great romance is all about - building to a crescendo of passion.

So here's the good news:

To help you romance your lover with words, I've compiled dozens of sexy love letters for you to send to your lover…

…without having to write a single word.

It's all been written for you.

You're going to be able to turn-on your lover with our pre-written sexy letters – even if you're thousands of miles away.

Introducing Instant Sexy Letters…

A Collection of
57 Pre-Written
Sexy Letters
Guaranteed to Ignite Passion

Here are just a few of the ways you'll use Instant Sexy Letters:

  •   Inspire a night of romance
  •   Capture your lover's curiosity
  •   Invite your lover for a telephone lovemaking session
  •   Entice your lover to join you for a fantasy experience
  •   Recapture the passion in your relationship
  •   Heighten intimacy to new levels
  •   Discover new methods of lovemaking
  •   Intensify the magnetism with your lover
  •   Bridge the distance with your long distance lover

It's fast and easy with Instant Sexy Letters!

Ready to capture your lover's attention?

When you send your lover a Sexy Letter, you'll grab them so much, they won't be able to stop thinking about you.

So if you want to captivate your lover and penetrate their heart, you've come to the right place.

The number one way to stir the emotions of your lover and dive in to satisfy their inner desires is by writing a sexy letter.

And now, it's easier, faster and more sensuous than you ever thought possible.

Instant Sexy Letters contains a collection of 57 pre-written letters guaranteed to stir the juices and ignite romance – not next week, not next year, but the very moment they open the e-mail, open the envelope or listen to your read it to them.

All the letters you need are right here.

Exclusive to Instant Sexy

And you won't find these Sexy Letters anywhere else!

So instead of you struggling for the right words, Instant Sexy Letters has done if for you.

And your lover never has to know you had a little help!

All you have to do is add the perfect greeting, sign your sexy letter and it goes in just seconds.

Now doesn't that sound good?

That's why it makes sense to go ahead and give Instant Sexy Letters a try.

Here’s How It Works

You order the Instant Sexy Letters collection online with a credit card and a secure order form.

There’s no downloading to do. You will enter a secure area of our website, to access the Instant Sexy Letters templates. The letters are available on this website. In less than 3 minutes, you’ll be able to send a sexy letter!

  • Copy the letters and paste them into your favorite word-processing program. Print, sign, and send!


  • E-Mail your Sexy letter!


  • Write them out in your own hand writing for a true sensous connection.

You Can Return To The Instant Sexy Letters Collection Again And Again, As Often As You Want To Access The Entire Collection…

Our sexy letters can be sent just as they are, OR you can personalize them. You can edit our sexy letters to say exactly what you want. You may even find that after reading through our sexy letter collection, you’ll be inspired to write your own. You’ll be surprised and delighted!

Whether the sexy letter collection serves as inspiration or as a complete resource, your lover is going to be head of heels for you and the sexy letters you send many times over.

To order, click here!

Here's how simple it is:

The ENTIRE SEXY LETTER COLLECTION is $39.95. This introductory price is for a limited time only.

When you purchase the entire collection for $39.95, you can come back again and again for all the sexy letters, including the new sexy letters that we’re adding to the collection each month, at no additional cost.

You can copy and paste the letters into your word-processing program and send a hard copy OR e-mail the letters.

You can send the letters just as they are, OR you can personalize them by adding your own words, sentences, paragraphs, graphics, etc!

All this for $39.95! And our Sexy Letters are available here, instantly on this website. Click here to order now!

Plus You Get These Two FREE Bonuses

Bonus # 1: Sexy E Mails! Are you in a hurry to send your passionate letter? We’ll add the e-mail function to your sexy letters collection, so you can send your sexy letters right away over the Internet! Just fill in the blanks with your lover’s name and send off your e-mail. In minutes, your sexy message will capture the heart of the one you want! Sexy E-mails is a $19.95 value.


Bonus # 2: Instant Erotic Letters! If you want to really turn up the heat in the bedroom, this collection is for you. These heart-pounding seductive letters will add spice to the intimacy in your relationship.  And they're included when you order today. Instant Erotic Letters is a $19.95 value.


Well, there you have it. You'll receive all these bonuses when you order Instant Sexy Letters.


100% Risk Free Guarantee

We're so certain that your loved one will fall in love with our Sexy Letters – that we offer you a 100% 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee when you purchase our entire collection for $39.95.


Ready to Send Your Sexy Letter and Enjoy the Rewards?

Think about it. You will have your lover so excited, so touched and so moved by your gesture. Start sending your sensuous letters right now. You'll captivate them!

Passionately Yours,

Tiffany Parker

P.S. In no time at all, you'll have your lover feeling so attracted to you. Don't struggle to find the right words. You'll be inspired by our collection of sexy letters. Let us help! We've done the work for you. It's so simple and easy to send a letter with Instant Sexy Letters now.


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